A new Townhouse Yarns HQ is on the horizon!

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For a couple of reasons..

When Townhouse began from my kitchen, I dreamed of a bigger space and when we built the Studio in the back garden, it was the best thing ever, all 8 or 9 sq metres of it!  Being able to work while keeping a close eye on the kids and still be present.. that was the fairy tale idea of working from home, I was being the do it all ‘Super Mom’.Ughh, I hate that term.

This summer though, it all felt harder, more restrictive, added distractions which equaled less productivity. Trying to coax my LO into doing things faster or going places quicker so I could get work done, she’s as defiant as me so add in some extra digging heels in time.. it left me with a huge cloud of guilt hanging over me. Working in This is Knit then working on Townhouse when at home really meant I wasn’t being A super mom.


Then the studio itself is a shed structure which only works as a dye and minimal storage area, when it comes to drying, that all still needs to happen in my house, so you can imagine how much it can take over at times. It can get a bit overwhelming and claustrophobic if I’m honest.

I’ve been looking into the idea of a new studio space for awhile now, separating work life from home/family life but still staying close in the hope of striking a decent balance between the two. I’ve been making lots of inquiries and have been to see a few units. There’s not that many places out there suitable to be a dye studio. One though.. would work a treat. It has all the bells and only needs a few added whistles. I first went to see it back in April and have watched it remaining empty week after week since then.

There has been a bit of ‘is it happening?’ ‘is it not happening?’ over the last month but now I can finally tentatively announce (I’m still pinching myself) that I will be moving into a shiny, beautiful new studio space on the 1st of September! I’m beyond excited about the possibilities this creates and once settled in, hope to be offering regular shop updates through this website (yay!), clubs and adding new bases to my range.

Also walking into the house at the end of the day and being regular ol’ mammy will be priceless!